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Mary Elizabeth Flowers aims to be a source of inspiration and enjoyment, making life a little bit better by inviting other people to find the joy in dried flowers.

Founder Mary is a trained florist who discovered an affinity for dried flowers.

“Early on in my floristry career I was on the usual track of working with fresh flowers, doing shop work and wedding and event floristry. But when I first used dried flowers to make a hand-tied bouquet I fell a bit in love. I was swept off my feet by their natural shabbiness and their gorgeously muted colours. They have that dishevelled-cool personality that some lucky people can pull off.


“After that I got side-tracked into experimenting with what else I could use dried flowers for and techniques for drying my own flowers. I started seeking out second-hand books written by dried flower experts of the past, soaking in their ideas and expertise and thinking of ways I could bring them to life for myself.


“I find so much pleasure in dried flowers. Mary Elizabeth Flowers is a way to spread that joy and to give myself a legitimate reason to keep playing away in my little workshop.”

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Mary Elizabeth Flowers Website

“The website includes a blog documenting my flower-drying experiments and sharing ways to use dried flowers.”


The online shop offers products, expertly and professionally handmade using dried flowers. The range of products is ever expanding, bringing forth more ways to enjoy dried flowers. There’s plenty in the pipeline.

Mary Elizabeth Flowers - Sustainable Approach

One of the aims for my business is to leave as positive an effect on the environment as possible. There are lots of ways that dried flowers in themselves are effortlessly environmentally-friendly. For a start, they last for years and are reusable. 


When it comes to developing new products and making business decisions like packaging materials, the environmental impact of materials and processes is always a consideration.


Mary Elizabeth Flowers wreaths and flower crowns are made without plastic. The postal packaging materials have been selected specifically for being recyclable or compostable as well as their fitness for purpose.