In Conversation with Sarah Gray of Flower Farm Bloom & Gray

Mary Elizabeth Flowers In Conversation with Sarah Gray of Bloom and Gray Flower Farm

While I’m here on the Yorkshire coast, I’m not too far away from Bloom & Gray, the flower farm of Sarah Gray.

Sarah and I were in touch at the beginning of last year trying to arrange a time for me to visit, which was of course scuppered by the 2020 lockdowns. However, I kept my low-key ambition of visiting Sarah’s flower farm close to my heart and getting in touch with Sarah again was one of the first things I did when I arrived in Yorkshire this summer.

My Flower Farm Visit

I visited Sarah in August, lending her my very inexpert but enthusiastic gardening skills for an afternoon. As we planted out seedlings in one of the fields, we chatted about flowers, floristry, farming and all the other things females in their 20s/30s who love a good country walk more than a night out, chat about!

I came away reflecting on how interesting I found the insight into Sarah’s business. I think there’s something inherently fascinating about knowing what other people do for a living. Especially, for me, someone within my industry of floristry, but in another sphere within it. It made me want to share the kinds of things we had talked about, with the notion that other people might find it interesting too. So I went mad, decided I was some kind of media personality, and conducted an interview with Sarah to record and share. And this is it!

Our Conversation

In this video we talk about what Sarah’s life as a flower farmer involves, how her work changes throughout the year with the seasons, which varieties she grows, wedding flowers, where her flowers end up and the challenges she comes across. She tells me about the workshops she holds in her beautiful tipi on the farm and the shipping container she transformed into her floristry studio. We also chat about how Sarah had become a flower farmer, having begun her career as a marine biologist, and we discuss the British flower growing industry in general.

I hope you find the conversation interesting. If you do, I recommend following Sarah’s instagram @bloomandgray and subscribing to her YouTube channel to get more insight into her life on a British flower farm.

You can also find more of the conversations I have on my Instagram account @mary_elizabeth_flowers 

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