Green Fingers Charity Donation – Friday 26th November

Christmas Decoration Green Fingers Charity Donation

This Friday (26th November 2021) Mary Elizabeth Flowers will give 20% of the total value of all orders received to Green Fingers Charity who create gardens in children’s hospices. In doing so, they provide calm, relaxing spaces and a connection with nature to life-limited children and their families while they go through what I would suppose to be some of the worst times imaginable.

Green Fingers Charity
Green Fingers Charity

Green Fingers is a national charity. They have created over sixty wonderful, thoughtfully designed gardens at children’s hospices throughout the UK.

The gardens they create are different and varied. They often include bird-feeding stations, water features, play equipment, beautiful plants and insect-attracting flowers.

These gardens give a different place within the hospices where children and their families can spend time and even access therapies away from the bedside.

Many of us will know first hand the healing, therapeutic effects of being outside and may instinctively understand what a welcome distraction it can be to watch birds, bees and butterflies going about their day.

Green Fingers Charity recognise the fun, restful and strength-giving properties of gardens and bestow those on children and families going through a kind of stress and strain most people are lucky enough not to experience in our country and in modern times.  

You can find out more about Green Fingers Charity at the website and make a donation via their Just Giving page. You can also connect with them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.


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