How to Wear Your Dried Flower Crown

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Without wanting to state the obvious, a dried flower crown is the only way to accessorise a boho bridal hair style. And far be it from me to teach you to suck eggs, but it’s perfectly clear that any summer festival wardrobe is lacking if it doesn’t include at least one dried flower crown. Furthermore, any child could tell you the importance of donning a dried flower crown in preparing to attend a garden party. Now that we’ve established these well-known truths, we can move on to the question we might not want to ask out loud in case we are judged to be naive and primitive. Namely, how do I wear a dried flower crown?

This is a safe space. No one need know you’ve had to Google these questions and seek guidance from a blog post. In less than ten minutes you will be all clued up with your feet firmly on the path to becoming a confident and conscientious crown-wearer.


How to Wear a Flower Crown

Because you’re reading this blog, you clearly know that “how do I put on a flower crown?” is not necessarily a stupid question. There’s no shame in it. Better to ask the question than to find yourself with a flower crown over your eyes or teetering tenuously on top of your ears. Far better than scrolling back through photos of yourself looking a bit like John McEnroe in his sweatband-wearing heyday.

A flower crown worn incorrectly means constant adjusting, distraction from the fun you want to be having, mild to moderate headache, lack of outfit confidence and having to walk like you’re practicing carrying a book on your head. These are not trivial things in the moment.

So let’s address some of the questions I am sometimes asked about how to wear a dried flower crown.

Halo and Sunny Wedding Accessories
'Halo' Flower Crown with 'Sunny' Buttonhole - Mary Elizabeth Flowers

How to Position your Flower Crown

One of my guilty pleasures is the millennial catchphrase ‘you do you Boo’. And this is the essence of my advice when it comes to the positioning of your flower crown on your head. It’s obvious when you think of it – every face shape, hair style, mood and occasion will have its own requirements. The key really is to get yourself in front of a mirror and experiment with different heights and angles.

Yellow Dried Flower Crown
'Halo' Flower Crown - Mary Elizabeth Flowers

Try it with hair down and hair up. Try it with escaping hair tendrils loose around your face. Experiment with hoops and with studs in your ears. Curls and waves. You do you Boo!

How to Secure Your Dried Flower Crown

One of the things I have done when designing and making my own dried flower crowns is to make them as easy as possible to adjust and secure. All Mary Elizabeth Flowers crowns fit all heads. They are easily adjustable using the ribbon at the back. Simply tighten and slacken until the crown feels snug and comfortable. Then tie off with a simple shoelace bow, allowing the tails of the bow to flow carefree down the back of your hair. The ribbon can be cut to size using sharp fabric scissors if you have shorter hair and you don’t want the ribbon tails to overshoot it. (Cutting at an angle gives a nice finish.)

Rustic Dried Flower Wedding Accessories
'Fawn' Flower Crown & Buttonhole - Mary Elizabeth Flowers

Establishing the prime position and ribbon length might require the assistance and advice of a trusted friend or companion depending on your dexterity. The process might also involve a bit of hair messing so you might want to lift the crown off and back down again when you’re happy, to counter any of that John-Mc-patented sweatband effect.

Other flower crowns are of course available. Some of these may be made in a continuous circlet. This might be a bit trickier and might involve hair pins…

A Few Miscellaneous Commandments

In the spirit of going full circle and ending as we began, here are some potentially obvious but worth-heeding guidelines for wearing your dried flower crown:

  • Thou shalt remember that flowers, dried or fresh, are delicate by nature and wear your crown with a gentle dignity to avoid damage.
  • Thou shalt not get your dried flower crown wet if you can help it. (Or should that be ‘if thou can help it’?)
  • Thou shalt not enter a mosh pit without being prepared for the consequences. (See commandment #1).
  • Thou shalt do you boo. (Doesn’t really work…Doesn’t rhyme. Curses.)
Dried Flower Winter Wedding Accessories
'Juno' Flower Crown with 'Nicholas' Buttonhole - Mary Elizabeth Flowers
Fiesta Flower Crown
'Fiesta' Flower Crown - Mary Elizabeth Flowers
Fawn Dried Flower Crown
'Fawn' Flower Crown - Mary Elizabeth Flowers
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