Flower Crowns

Flower crowns, handmade in the UK from real dried flowers.

Flower Crowns made by Mary Elizabeth Flowers are adjustable to fit any head size. Simply adjust the ribbon until the crown feels comfortable and tie with a bow.

They make a wonderful accessory for weddings, festivals, and garden parties. Perfect for finishing off a bohemian style. They suit every hair style – great with hair up in a messy bun, cute on short, pixie hair and gorgeous with a ribbon flowing down over long locks.

Crowns made from dried flowers have the advantage of being re-wearable. If treated well they can last for years. So your flower crown can be worn time and again for special occasions.

Light as a feather, dried flowers make a head crown that won’t weigh your head down and strain your neck to keep on all day.

Different colours and flowers suit different occasions and different seasons. From autumnal or winter weddings to summer garden parties and festivals.

As well as lasting longer, dried flowers often give a more muted colour palette than fresh flowers so you can add colour to your outfit with a bit more subtlety if that’s what you’re looking for.

All of the materials used to make a Mary Elizabeth Flowers product are selected with not only beauty and longevity in mind but also with consideration of their impact on the environment. That also goes for the materials used to package and post out products. As a business I want to keep the environmental impact as positive as possible.

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  • Gypsophila Flower CrownGypsophila Flower Crown
  • Floral Headband FridaFloral Headband Frida
    Flower Crowns

    Frida Floral Headband

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  • Juno Winter Wedding Flower CrownJuno Peacock Feather Flower Crown
    Flower Crowns


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  • Dry Flower Crown
    Flower Crowns


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  • Halo Yellow Dried Flower Crown
    Flower Crowns


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